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Professor Daniel H Paris

Professor Daniel H Paris

Podcast Interview

Rickettsial diseases such as scrub typhus are important causes of fever in southeast Asia especially in rural communities. Discovered quite recently and not big killers, these diseases are among the most under-reported and under-diagnosed illnesses that are both treatable and preventable. Rickettsial studies at he Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) focus on the epidemiology and incidence of the disease using hospital-based fever studies in Thailand and Laos. Our research unit has developed highly improved acute diagnosis of rickettsial illness. MORU also has ongoing studies to determine the pathophysiological mechanisms of scrub typhus infection.

Daniel Paris

Associate Professor

  • Wellcome Clinical Research Fellow


Daniel H. Paris co-ordinates the rickettsial research performed in the Thailand and Laos MOUs. His major interests include the epidemiology, diagnostics, pathophysiology and immune response of rickettsial infections and typhus-like illnesses (Leptospirosis, Typhoid and Dengue) afflicting rural populations throughout Asia and beyond.

His particular research focus encompasses clinical studies on the immune response, the characterisation of an animal model and various immuno-pathophysiology studies in scrub typhus, building towards improving diagnostics and vaccine development.

Immune cells of the skin fighting a typhus infection.
Typhus bacteria invading blood vessels of the skin.
Typhus bacteria invading the skin.
The rodent hunting team sets out to place traps at dusk, Laos.
A small cluster of mites in a rodents ear.

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