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This page contains summary information that we think may be of particular use to our current NIH-OxCam graduate students. Please use this page, and the Information for Current Students pages for information. If you have any questions, please contact NDM Graduate Studies.


All students from the NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program that select Oxford as their UK Institution are admitted onto the DPhil in Biomedical Sciences programme, which is organised by the Nuffield Department of Medicine (NDM).
Scholars on the programme can select an Oxford mentor from any department of the university but the student milestone processes and reports must be completed through NDM and with NDM approval.

Students must submit termly GSR reports. In addition, NDM students on Tier 4 visas must also submit monthly 'timesheets' on the OTTER student system for their supervisor's approval. Please refer to the SOP for students on how to do this.

Student Milestones

The key milestones for students in the NDM are as follows:

  • Graduate research students are admitted as a Probationer Research Student (PRS)
  • Before the end of 4 terms, all students must transfer status to either an MSc (Res) or DPhil.
  • Students who have transferred to DPhil status should then confirm their DPhil status, ideally during their 8th term and no later than the end of their 9th term (or before they submit a thesis, whichever is sooner) It is not possible to submit for examination until DPhil status has been confirmed.

Graduate Progression forms

The Graduate Progresssion forms (also known as GSO forms) that need to be completed in a variety of circumstances (including student milestones) are available here. In general, these forms must be signed in this order: 1) student, 2) supervisor, 3) college 4) DGS. The forms are then forwarded by the Graduate Studies Manager to the Divisional Graduate Studies Office and will be considered by the divisional board.
Please be aware that, as NIH OxCam students, you may not be supervised or work in a Medical Sciences Division lab but you must complete the MSD version of the forms - other forms will not be accepted and could lead to delays in approval of your student milestones.


There is an expectation from the University and Colleges that students on a DPhil course will be resident in Oxford for at least six terms. There is an exception to this, however, which allows students to undertake their research in a well-found laboratory outside Oxford. The NIH laboratories are considered to be well-found labs and so you shouldn't be concerned about residency.
If your college questions the amount of your residency in Oxford, please ask them to contact the Graduate Studies Manager.