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Submission of Thesis

The procedure for submitting your thesis as follows:

The student completes the GSO3 form (click on the 'Examination of research degrees' tab at the top of the page). Discuss suitable internal and external examiners with your supervisor before completing the GSO3 form, getting it signed by all parties, and then submitting it to the divisional Graduate Studies Office at least 6 weeks before the submission of your thesis. 

The divisional Graduate School Committee must approve the examiners on behalf of the Medical Sciences Board. The Research Degrees Office must obtain their formal acceptance before a thesis is sent out. In accepting an invitation to examine the examiners are deemed to have accepted the University's procedures and conditions regarding the examination, in particular those relating to copyright and confidentiality. These clauses, among other things, protect you and your work. A thesis will not be sent out until the University has a written acceptance to examine. 

At the time of their examination, candidates must submit two copies of their thesis, which must be securely and firmly bound in either hard or soft covers. Loose-leaf binding is not acceptable. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that examiners' copies are securely bound.  Theses that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted. 

Candidates may submit the examiners' copies of their thesis, prepared as described above, at the same time as they apply for the appointment of their examiners. If they intend, however, to submit the examiners' copies at a later date, they will be required to state, at the time of their application for appointment of examiners, the date by which they will submit. The theses should be submitted no later than the last day of the vacation immediately following the term in which application for the appointment of examiners has been made. If a candidate fails to meet this deadline, his or her application for appointment of examiners will be automatically cancelled; if he or she has also reached the end of the time when his or her status will lapse then he or she will be unable to apply again, unless he or she is reinstated, which would normally be for one term only in order to submit the thesis for examination.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should a supervisor or students send examiners any copy of the thesis. Submission to the examiners of an unofficial version of the thesis may result in the examination being invalidated.