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All the important things a graduate student should be aware of are described in the Medical Sciences Graduate School WebLearn information pages and the Student Gateway.

The Graduate Progression forms (also known as GSO forms) that need to be completed in a variety of circumstances are available from the Graduate section of the Student Gateway. In general, these forms must be signed in this order:  1) student, 2) supervisor, 3) college, 4) DGS (this can be the local unit DGS).  The forms must then be forwarded to the Divisional Graduate Studies Office and will be considered by the divisional board. 

Students must submit termly GSS reports. In addition, NDM students on Tier 4 visas must also submit monthly 'timesheets' on the OTTER (student) system for their supervisor's approval.  Please refer to the SOP for students for guidance on how to do this.

The key milestones for students in the NDM are as follows:

  • Graduate research students are admitted as a Probationer Research Student (PRS).
  • Before the end of 4 terms, all students must transfer status to either an M.Sc. (Res) or D.Phil. 
  • Students who have transferred to D.Phil. status should then confirm their D.Phil. status, ideally during their 8th term and no later than the end of their 9th term (or before they submit a thesis, whichever is sooner). It is not possible to submit for examination until D.Phil. status has been confirmed.

The Minimum Residency requirement for a M.Sc. is 3 Terms and for a D.Phil. is 6 Terms.  In some agreed cases, for example in Tropical Medicine, residency can include time spent abroad.  Please email NDM graduate studies with questions about your residency.

There is an expectation from the University and funders that D.Phil. students will complete (submit their thesis) within 4 years (12 terms). Failure to meet this target may result in loss of our external funding.  Therefore you will be measured against this expectation during Transfer and Confirmation of Status.  A supervisor with more than 30% of his/her current students running over 4 years without good reason may be excluded from the NDM Prize Studentship Competition.

Should you encounter any problems during your studies, you can file a complaint.  Please refer to the Proctors' and Assessors' Memorandum.

A full list of the University's Examination Regulations is available on the Oxford University website.