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For the University Policy on Student Maternity, Extended Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental Leave, please click here

Maternity Leave

DPhil students are automatically entitled to suspend their studies for up to 3 terms (1 year) of maternity leave. Terms of maternity leave do not have to be taken consecutively when sharing parental leave, but do have to be taken within 12 months of the birth and any unused terms may not be taken at a later date.

Students who hold Research Council or other sponsoring body awards must align their periods of University and funding body leave. Where there is a conflict of interest between the two policies, the sponsoring body's policy will be followed.

Students based in NDM whose sponsor does not allow for payment of stipend during maternity leave are entitled to up to two terms' stipend from the Department.

Students should contact the Graduate Studies Manager for more information.

Paternity Leave

DPhil student fathers may take up to 2 weeks' (10 working days) leave at any time during a partner's pregnancy or within 3 months of the birth (paternity leave). This leave is not taken as a suspension of status and the submission date is not adjusted.