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wellcome-trustOne of the major generous supporters of the Department's research is The Wellcome Trust. Many of our researchers and activities are, or have been, supported by the Trust, often beyond the provision of direct resource. This on-going relationship is key to the Department's success. Below are podcasts from many of those researchers who have benefited from the support of the Trust.

MORU Biosafety Level 3 and melioidosis in Thailand by Premjit Amornchai

Premjit Amornchai tells us about her work as biosafety level 3 lab manager and microbioogy safety officer

Moru biosafety Genomics and Global Health by Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski

Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski talks about his work on global health, how genomics can help us fight infections.

Dominic Kwiatkowski
Infectious diseases in Indonesia by Professor Kevin Baird

Professor Kevin Baird from our EOCRU unit in Jakarta tells us about his research on infectious disease in Indonesia, particularly malaria from Plasmodium vivax

Kevin Baird Microbiology research in SE Asia by Dr Direk Limmathurotsakul

Dr Direk Limmathurotsakul from our MORU unit in Bankok tells us about his research on Microbiology in South East Asia

Direk Limmathurotsakul
Hepatitis C vaccine by Professor Ellie Barnes

Professor Ellie Barnes talks about her research on Hepatitis C and her work on a T cell vaccine.

ellie barnes Obesity and genetics by Professor Cecilia Lindgren

Professor Cecilia Lindgren explores the links between obesity and genetics.

Cecilia Lindgren
High altitude illness by Dr Buddha Basnyat

Dr Buddha Basnyat from our OUCRU unit in Kathmandu tells us about his research on high altitude illness

Buddha Basnyat The evolution of the genome by Professor Gerton Lunter

Professor Gerton Lunter tells us about his research on the evolution of the genome

Gerton Lunter
Malaria in Kenya by Professor Philip Bejon

Professor Philip Bejon tells us about his research in the epidemiology of malaria in Kenya

philip bejon Chromatin remodelling by Professor Erika Mancini

Professor Erika Mancini explains the role of chromatin in the regulation of gene transcription.

Erika Mancini
Microbiology in Thailand by Professor Stuart Blacksell

Professor Stuart Blacksell discusses improving the accuracy and the rapidity of tropical infection diagnosis in the field.

Stuart Blacksell From information to structure by Dr Brian Marsden

Dr Brian Marsden tells us about his research on protein structure, and how mutations may cause disease

Brian Marsden
Drug discovery by Professor Chas Bountra

Professor Chas Bountra explains how he identified new drugs for novel treatments.

Chas Bountra Science and Society by Professor Vicki Marsh

Professor Vicki Marsh tells us about her research on social and ethical issues in international research collaborations.

Vicki Marsh
Chemistry, epigenetics and drugs by Professor Paul Brennan

Professor Paul Brennan tells us about his research on epigenetic chemical Probes in the field of drug discovery

Paul Brennan Malaria in pregnancy by Professor Rose McGready

Professor Rose McGready from the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit in Thailand tells us about her research on malaria in pregnancy

Rose McGready
Pneumococcal diseases by Professor Angela Brueggemann

Professor Angela Brueggemann tells us about her work on pneumococcal diseases.

Angela Brueggemann Tuberculosis by Professor Helen McShane

Professor Helen McShane talks about her work on a new vaccine against tuberculosis.

helen mcshane
Understanding growth signals by Dr Alex Bullock

Dr Alex Bullock tells us about his research on growth and differentiation, and their link with rare metabolic diseases and cancer.

Alex Bullock Diabetes and Genomics by Professor Mark McCarthy

Professor Mark McCarthy tells us how genomics helps us understand diabetes.

Mark McCarthy
Unravelling proteins by Dr Nicola Burgess-Brown

Dr Nicola Burgess Brown tells us how her research on unravelling proteins helps new drug candidates.

Nicola Burgess-Brown Neonatal nursing in Kenya by Dr Jacob McKnight

Dr Jacob McKnight from our unit in Nairobi, Kenya, tells us about his research on nursing for newborns in Kenya

Jacob Mcknight
Outbreak, the clinical research response by Dr Gail Carson

Dr Gail Carson tells us about the clinical research response to outbreaks

Gail Carson Statistical genetics by Professor Gil McVean

Professor Gil McVean tells us how statistical genetics helps us understand and treat disease.

Gil McVean
Cancer immunology by Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo

Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo tells us how research in immunology leads to the development of new cancer treatments.

Vincenzo Cerundolo Governance in practice by Professor Sassy Molyneux

Professor Sassy Molyneux tells us about her research in governance of both health and research systems.

Sassy Molyneux
Repairing DNA damage by Dr Ross Chapman

Dr Ross Chapman tells us about his research on repairing DNA damage

Ross Chapman Poor quality medicines by Professor Paul Newton

Professor Paul Newton from our LOMWRU unit in Vientiane, Laos, tells us about his research on poor quality medicines

Paul Newton
The ethics of research by Professor Phaik Yeong Cheah

Professor Phaik Yeong Cheah from MORU in Thailand tells us about her work on the ethics of research

phaik yeong Between research and humanitarian by Professor Francois Nosten

Professor Francois Nosten talks about his work at the Thai-Burma border

Francois Nosten
Malaria laboratory at MORU by Dr Kesinee Chotivanich

Dr Kesinee Chotivanich from our MORU Thailand unit in Bangkok tells us about the Malaria laboratory at MORU

Kesinee Chotivanich Atherosclerosis & immunity by Professor Chris O'Callaghan

Professor Chris O'Callaghan tells us about the role of our immune system in vascular disease.

Chris O'Callaghan
Autoimmunity by Professor Richard Cornall

Professor Richard Cornall tells us about his research on autoimmunity.

Richard Cornall Gastrointestinal cancers by Dr Claire Palles

Dr Claire Palles from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics tells us about her research on gastrointestinal cancers

Claire Palles
Tracking infections by Professor Derrick Crook

Professor Derrick Crook tells us about his research on tracking infections

Derrick Crook Virus entry by Dr Sergi Padilla-Parra

Dr Sergi Padilla-Parra tells us about his research on virus entry, and how this can help us test and develop new drugs

sergi padilla
Bacterial infections in Laos by Dr David Dance

David Dance from our LOMWRU unit in Laos tells us about his research on bacterial infections in Laos, particularly melioidosis

David Dance Dyslexia and genetics by Dr Silvia Paracchini

Dr Silvia Paracchini talks about the influence of genetics in dyslexia.

Silvia Paracchini
Infectious diseases in South East Asia by Professor Nick Day

Professor Nick Day talks about rural populations in Thailand and the challenges they face when confronted with infectious diseases

Nick Day Rickettsial Disease by Professor Daniel Paris

Professor Daniel Paris tells us about the challenges posed by Rickettsia to rural populations in South East Asia.

Daniel Paris
Finding the best malaria treatments by Dr Mehul Dhorda

Dr Mehul Dhorda from our MORU Thailand unit in Bankok tells us about his research on malaria treatments

Mehul Dhorda Cancer metabolism by Dr Patrick Pollard

Dr Patrick Pollard tells us about his research on cancer metabolism

Patrick Pollard
Treatment of severe malaria by Professor Arjen Dondorp

Professor Arjen Dondorp tells us about his work on severe malaria and the development of new therapies.

Arjen Dondorp Gut reactions by Professor Fiona Powrie

Professor Fiona Powrie talks about the importance of our guts, and her research in gastroenterology

Fiona Powrie
Enteric Fever by Dr Christiane Dolecek

Dr Christiane Dolecek speaks about the research on enteric fever she conducted in Vietman and Nepal

Christiane Dolecek Renal Disease by Professor Chris Pugh

Professor Chris Pugh tells us about the links between genetics, renal disease and oxygen sensing.

Chris Pugh
Human genetics by Professor Peter Donnelly

Professor Peter Donnelly tells us how genetics helps us to understand common diseases and develop new drugs.

Peter Donnelly Malaria vaccine for Plasmodium vivax by Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval

Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval tells us about his research on a vaccine against Plasmodium vivax

Arturo Reyes-Sandoval
Iron metabolism by Professor Hal Drakesmith

Professor Hal Drakesmith tells us how his work on iron availability can help us fight infections.

Hal Drakesmith HIV and children in Africa by Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones

Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones tells us about her work on HIV with children in Africa.

Sarah Rowland
Tropical immunology by Professor Susanna Dunachie

Professor Susanna Dunachie tells us about her research on tropical diseases, particularly melioidosis

Susanna Dunachie Biological imaging by Professor Jens Rittscher

Professor Jens Rittscher tells us about his work on high throughput screening and bioimaging in the field of new drug development

Jens Rittscher
Better hospitals for children by Professor Mike English

Professor Mike English tells us about his research in the quality of care for children in Kenyan hospitals.

Mike English Evolution and pathogenicity of viruses by Professor Peter Simmonds

Professor Peter Simmonds from our Experimental Medicine division tells us about his research on virus evolution and pathogenicity

peter simmonds
Targeting epigenetics to treat cancer by Professor Panagis Filippakopoulos

Professor Panagis Filippakopoulos explains how we can target epigenetic mechanisms to treat cancer

panagis Crohn's disease by Professor Alison Simmons

Professor Alison Simmons tells us about her work on Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease.

Alison Simmons
Can we eradicate tuberculosis? by Dr Helen Fletcher

Dr Helen Fletcher talks about progress in the development of a vaccine against tuberculosis.

Helen Fletcher Autophagy and red blood cells by Professor Katja Simon

Professor Katja Simon tells us about her research on autophagy in red blood cells.

Katja Simon
Psychiatric genetics by Professor Jonathan Flint

Professor Jonathan Flint talks about his research on psychiatric genetics

Jonathan Flint Fighting malaria in Myanmar by Professor Frank Smithuis

Professor Frank Smithuis from our MOCRU unit in Yangon, Myanmar, tells us about challenges when fighting malaria in Myanmar.

Frank Smithuis
Targeting cancer mechanisms by Professor Robert Gilbert

Professor Robert Gilbert tells us about his research on the molecular mechanisms underlying pathology in humans, specifically cancer

Robert Gilbert Malaria control in Africa by Professor Bob Snow

Professor Bob Snow tells us how his research brings together epidemiological profiles and government policies to maximise malaria control programmes in Africa

Bob Snow
Viral vectored vaccine development by Professor Sarah Gilbert

Professor Sarah Gilbert talks about her work on viral vectored vaccines.

sarah gilbert Structural biology and vaccines by Professor David Stuart

Professor David Stuart tells us how structural biology helps design new vaccines.

David Stuart
Genetics and diabetes by Professor Anna Gloyn

Professor Anna Gloyn talks about her research on the genetics of diabetes.

Anna Gloyn Getting the dose right by Professor Joel Tarning

Professor Joel Tarning tells us about his research on malaria, and how we can determine the right dose for a treatment.

Joel Tarning
Melanoma by Professor Colin Goding

Professor Colin Goding tells us about his research on melanoma.

Colin Goding Personalised medicine by Professor Jenny Taylor

Professor Jenny Taylor tells us about her research on personalised medicine, particularly in the field of Cancer.

Jenny Taylor
DNA replication and cancer by Professor Catherine Green

Professor Catherine Green, NDM Scientific Leadership Fellow, talks about her research on DNA replication and cancer.

Catherine Green Molecular diagnosis and bacterial genotyping by Dr Janjira Thaipadungpanit

Dr Janjira Thaipadungpanit tells us about her research on molecular diagnosis and bacterial genotyping

Janjira Thaipadungpanit
Structural cell biology of virus infection by Professor Kay Grünewald

Professor Kay Grünewald tells us how structural cell biology can help us understand virus infection.

Kay Grunewald Tuberculous meningitis by Professor Guy Thwaites

Professor Guy Thwaites talks about his research on Tuberculous meningitis.

Guy Thwaites
Cancer and innate immunity by Professor Mads Gyrd-Hansen

Professor Mads Gyrd-Hansen tells us about his research on cancer and innate immunity.

Mads Gyrd-Hansen Tropical neonatology by Dr Claudia Turner

Dr Claudia Turner from our Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit tells us about her research on tropical neonatology

Claudia Turner
Malaria Vaccines by Professor Adrian Hill

Professor Adrian Hill talks about recent developments of vaccines against malaria.

Adrian Hill Microbiology in the tropics by Professor Paul Turner

Professor Paul Turner from our Cambodia Oxford Medical Research Unit tells us about his research on microbiology in the tropics

Paul Turner
Emerging infectious diseases by Professor Peter Horby

Professor Peter Horby tells us about his research on emerging infectious diseases, particularly pandemic influenza, SARS and Ebola.

Peter Horby Rare neurological disorders by Dr Antonio Velayos-Baeza

Dr Antonio Belayos-Baeza tells us about his research on rare neurological disorders such as Chorea-acanthocytosis

Antonio Velayos-Baeza
Computation and genetics by Dr Zamin Iqbal

Dr Zamin Iqbal tells us about his use of computation in the study of bacterial and viral genomes

Zamin Iqbal X-rays for drug discovery by Professor Frank von Delft

Professor Frank von Delft tells us about his use of X-rays in the search for new drugs.

Viruses, how to be the perfect host by Professor Paul Klenerman

Professor Paul Klenerman talks about our relationship with persistent viruses, such as Hepatitis C.

Paul Klenerman Malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong sub-region by Dr Lorenz von Seidlein

Dr Lorenz von Seidlein tells us about his research on malaria elimination in the Greater Mekong sub-region

Lorenz von seidlein
Development of chemical probes by Professor Stefan Knapp

Professor Stefan Knapp tells us how the development of chemical probes helps us find new drugs.

Stefan Knapp Rift Valley Fever by Dr George Warimwe

Dr George Warimwe talks about his research on Rift Valley Fever.

George Warimwe
Genetic variation in inflammation and immunity by Professor Julian Knight

Professor Julian Knight explains how genetic variants modulate gene expression and influence the susceptibility to commom diseases.

Julian Knight Artemisinin therapy for malaria by Professor Nick White

Professor Nick White talks about the future of artemisinin and other drug therapies for malaria.

Nick white
Biomarkers for tropical diseases by Dr Markus Winterberg

Dr Markus Winterbert tells us about his research on biomarkers for tropical diseases

Markus Winterberg
Artemisinin Resistance by Dr Charlie Woodrow

Dr Charlie Woodrow tells us about his research on artemisinin resistance

Charlie Woodrow
The genetics of metabolic diseases by Professor Wyatt Yue

Professor Wyatt Yue tells us about his research on the genetics of metabolic diseases

Wyatt yue
Women's health by Professor Krina Zondervan

Professor Krina Zondervan talks about endometriosis, an incapacitating women's health condition

Krina Zondervan