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Statutory and Mandatory Training

All clinicians holding honorary contracts with the NHS are required to complete statutory and mandatory training. This policy document provides the context to this competency based approach and guidance in relation to the type and frequency of training required.

The Quick start guide to eLearning will provide step-by-step guidance to accessing electronic training.

It should be noted that access to the OUH eLearning system is restricted to Trust PCs. To access the system remotely you should complete the following steps.

Queries related to new logins, the e-learning process and modules should be directed to:


Each consultant is assigned an appraiser by the Trust to carry out an annual review. If you are unsure who your appraiser is, please contact Nicki Sullivan.

At each of your annual appraisals you will be required to supply specific supporting information, covered in the following guide. A sample appraisal form can be found on the "further information" pages.


Revalidation Diagram

Medical revalidation involves the renewal by the GMC of a doctor’s Licence to Practice. The OUH Trust is a designated body for revalidation (the University is not) and the Medical Director's Office manages this for staff with honorary contracts. Between April 2013 and March 2016 all doctors will revalidate on an initial three year cycle. Thereafter, revalidation will be conducted on a five year cycle. Appraisal (job planning and SMT) is a mandatory requirement for revalidation.

Each consultant will receive confirmation from the Medical Director's Office about their specific revalidation dates. If you have any questions regarding revalidation, please contact Nicki Sullivan.