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Study the TOP-1000 global health terminologies on-the-go! Flip through flashcards and rate your level of understanding to track progress. Over 800 terms and phrases organized by topics and delivered through bite-size lessons, so you can take small steps to accomplish greater goals.

- Crisp and clean interface design
- Over 800 global health terminologies from credible sources
- “Study-mode” and “List-mode” available for studying and browsing
- Support rating of each flashcard by level of understanding
- Support sorting of cards by name, last-updated and understanding
- Allow “shuffling” and “skipping” of cards
- Support bookmark of useful cards for revision under “My Cards” 
- Offers full citation of all content for easy referencing
- Progress bar to show study progress at each lesson
- “My Progress” page to show a study progress summary of all lessons
- Allow reset of “Progress” statistics for individual topics
- Auto save progress in “Study-mode”

- Basic global health terminologies and phrases
- Environmental hazards and global climate change
- Epidemiology concepts and methodologies
- Millennium Development Goals and health indicators
- Communicable/Non-communicable diseases and treatment
- Acronyms of UN organizations, key stakeholders and iNGOs
- Disaster concepts and humanitarian principles 
- Health of special populations: Elderly, child, maternal, disabled etc.

This APP was developed by the Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC), an academic unit of the School of Public Health and Primary Care of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since 2006, the institute has been trying to search for a complementary study tool for the study of “Global Health”. It was noticed in the process that due to the broad coverage of the discipline, such a glossary list is simply unavailable.

This mobile application was developed as a complementary study tool for students enrolled in the PHPC2011 Global Health course as part of the BSc in Public Health curriculum at the institute. The APP contains terms and phrases that are deemed most relevant to the course and is not meant to be a comprehensive list of global health terminologies. 

Definitions of all the terminologies included in this APP were selected and/or paraphrased from credible international sources with full citations available for referencing and as required by the “Terms of Use” of each organization. The purpose of the definitions and/or description of each selected terminology is to aid students’ learning, and do not necessarily represents the current standard and/or working definitions of those terms for academic or other professional use. While every effort is made to post only the most accurate available information, CCOUC does not guarantee that the information included in the APP is always current.