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How do I move a page somewhere else?

  • Go to Contents at the top of the page
  • Browse for page you wish to move
  • Select the page using the tick box
  • Click Cut at the bottom of the list
  • Navigate to the folder where you wish to move the page to
  • Click Paste

How Do i change the position in which a page appears?

  • Go to Contents
  • Select the relevant page(s)
  • Use the up/down arrows or the top/bottom buttons to move the page(s) to the desired position
  • Alternatively, you can select where in the sequence this page/asset should appear (Enter a number; 1 = move 1 space, 2 = move 2 spaces. Then click on the up/down arrow.)

Note: You can move a number of pages all at once by selecting all the pages using the tick box then use the up/down arrows or the top/bottom buttons.

How do I delete a page?

  • Select the page
  • Click on actions and select delete from the drop down
  • Click on delete.